Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's Nights Like These...

When Benton wakes up at 12:30AM with a fever and needs some extra love from his mom that I think how grateful I am for:
A mom that cared for me when I was sick AND left me that same rocker she used to rock all 7 of her babies
I am grateful for a mother-in-law that cared enough about my comfort to make a cushion to go on that rocker that I now get to rock her grandchildren in.

Notice how he is the one sock wonder, always is.

Gotta love the morning look.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Why ONE Car is MORE Fun!

Christian has been riding his bike all summer and most of the fall, but now that it has turned cold we have been back to sharing our one car. I have found several reasons why it is more fun this way :)
1. I get to drive carpool in the morning (Christian and our neighbor who is in the same situation as we are) my first drop off is at the chemistry building and my second is the bioengineering building then back to home with a sleepy one year old.
2. I get to see Christian through out the day. Going to work, then school, then back to work again, then home.
3. I have several more opportunities to listen to Glenn Beck.
4. When Christian has the car it is a good excuse to walk everywhere, gotta keep the pounds off somehow this season!
and lastly 5. Did I mention I get to see Christian more often!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween

Nothing beats trick-or-treating at an Alzheimer's facility. I took Benton in to my work to show him off and they were doing trick-or-treating with all the patients there. It was hilarious to watch him go up to these elderly people and take their candy. This one lady gave him a sucker but then became confused and tried to grab it back telling him "that is my sucker give it back!"

Benton also got to go for a ride with a sweet lady who doesn't talk much these days, but really opened up to Benton while taking him for a ride down the hall. So cute!
Here is Benton with one of his friend Parker. Cute boys having fun at the Stake Halloween Party.
We had a lot of fun dressing up this year with Benton as the Big Bad Wolf, me as Little Red Ridding Hood, and Christian as our fearless Hunter. My dad invited us back to his ward Halloween Party. My dad won 2 prizes, one for his awesome Harley Outfit (little did the ward know it isn't a costume at all!) secondly he came in 2nd for the best chili.

Here is Benton winning his prize for having the scariest costume in his age category (he is pretty scary for being a Big Bad Wolf and all :) It was cute when Christian held him up he started clapping for himself, along with everyone else there.

We also had a lot of fun trick-or-treating at 9th and 9th in all the stores. We were lucky enough to have both grandparents come out with us. We came home with way too much candy so we ended up throwing it all out (after we ate our favorite pieces of course). Halloween is a lot more fun when you get to enjoy it with a child!
Can't wait for next year!

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