Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dear Christian

These little faces can't wait to see you!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kate's Blessing

Kate's blessing was perfect. Christian gave Kate a beautiful blessing and she did her job of being quiet. I think we are given these special moments in life to help us appreciate all that we have, and it was a day full of gratitute for me. We are so blessed to have sweet Kate in our life. Thank you for all those that came and supported us, we felt loved.

Friday, February 5, 2010


I was at my parent's house the other day and found my old scrap book containing all my high school dance pictures. Wow those were the days! So to all my high school friends out there 2000 was a great year!
Here are a few highlights from 10 years ago;

I was working at the best dry cleaners in town (I still can't believe we had to scrub the b.o. out of all those dress shirts, ehhh)
Applying to college and celebrating that I was accepted to Ricks (it was still called Ricks back then)
Having fun on seminary council, we even did a time capsule for 2000 and to be opened in 2025
Planning and attending high school dances...oh the drama!
Occasionally driving up and down state street, I still can't remember why that was so much fun.
Going on a great senior trip to Lake Powell
Skipping out on class more than once
Staying out way too late
Penny Tapping
Skiing at the Canyons thanks to their honor roll season pass program
Attending football and basketball games
Supporting all my musical friends, apparently I was the only one that couldn't sing :)

Well there is Kate crying, I guess my life is a little different now but I am glad for the good memories and great friends from 2000! Does anyone know if a reunion is planned and does anyone have any great memories to add?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Great Way To Spend a Saturday!

In the winter I get so stir crazy being inside so when I saw the weather was going to be nice and we had an open Saturday I knew we had to go sledding. A great place to go is Mountain Dell up Parley's Canyon. We all had a great time!

Here is Sam being pulled, he loved it and didn't move an inch while being pulled up the entire hill.

I put Kate in the backpack and she slept all afternoon. Maybe next year she will enjoy it a little more.
Benton and Richy decided to try sliding down the hill without a sled, just look at them holding hands.
Christian was wishing he was snowboarding instead, he looks pretty good at the start!
We laughed so hard as the sled would stop and off would fly Christian. I think he needs some bindings.

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