Wednesday, March 19, 2008

World's Best Husband

Okay, I know probably everyone thinks they have married the very best person, and maybe that is true for them, but Christian really is the best! :) Last night he surprised me with a very needed night out. After a some hard days Christian called me and said we had to go up to his parents at 5pm to do our taxes. So, all day I was planning on an uneventful evening doing tax stuff. We get in the car, drive to his parents, and then Christian leads me to the car without little Benton. His mom took him for the night and Christian had planned everything out including all of Benton's stuff for the night. We went to Hollywood Connection (sounds like a high school date, but it was great) we went rollerskating, had dinner, watched Vantage Point (which I recommend) and then tried to get an ice cream sundae, but they were closed. It was a great evening! It is amazing how much a date night with just the two of you can make everything seem right in the world, again. Thanks C, I loved it!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Natalie!

Today is my sister Natalie's 32nd Birthday (sorry Natalie if you didn't want your age disclosed :) and I had to laugh as she told me what her three kids had said to her. "Mom, what are you doing to put in your gift bags, what friends are you having over, and where are we going Chuckie Cheese or to the bounce house? and who is going to hand out your gift bags????" Hahahaha, if only we could always celebrate our birthdays like we did when we were 5. Those really were the good days, and we didn't even know it. Well, Natalie, I hope you have a great day even if you don't have a princess tea party and get dressed up in your favorite Cinderella costume. I have also decided everyone needs a sister "Natalie" who else would have moved me from St. George in the middle of August being sick as can be and who else could I call 18 times a day to retell every detail of my life. Thanks for everything, I do hope you have good birthday!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Videogame Champion

My husband, the Smashbrother Hero! Christian and I have been out of comission for the last week due to bronchitis, but luckily he felt well enough to attend the ever exciting Smashbrothers release on Saturday evening. Of course they couldn't actually release the new Wii game until midnight, but all the real gamers (including my husband) went early to wait for the count down. They had a contest to see who the best player was between 32 boys/men, and how proud am I to annouce my husband woke me up at one o'clock in the morning to relay to me how he desimated the competition. His spoils of war include a wrestling trophy, two tickets to Laser Quest, and a poster that has the names of all the people he TRIUMPHED over. After his victory, he was interviewed by a local highschool newsprogram and greeted by fans (including a little deaf boy who wanted to shake hand). My husband, a real (local) hero. What you haven't heard of him?
This video has been an arduous process to upload, so I hope that it is worth it. Benton started crawling about a week ago and ever since then my life has been a lot more hectic. Now I have to keep careful tabs on where he is at all times (or he might just crawl of a large drop without even slowing down). Still, there is nothing better than having your son crawl across the expansive room, bypassing all the tempting toys, just to come and sit in your lap. He loves me, he really loves me :). We love you too, Benton.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


A great get away to Newport! We enjoyed time at the beach, swimming, doing the Hollywood scene and relaxing a lot! I had never been to Hollywood and it was a perfect week to go because the Oscars were coming that Sunday. We got to see the Kodak Theater, hold an actual Oscar and see Hollywood Blvd. Danielle's favorite part of the trip was finding the Playboy Mansion. Not, really something I would ever choose to do. After 2 hours of driving around we finally found it. We got out to look around and were surprised to hear the security guard talk to us through the big rock by the driveway. As we were talking to him Kendra (for those that don't keep up on the Playboy happenings, Kendra is one of Hugh's girlfriends) drove up. Danielle still hasn't stopped talking about it. Thanks Dad for a great time in California!!

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