Sunday, September 20, 2009

Stomach Flu Sure Can Ruin Your Weekend

I thought just being this pregnant was bad enough, but getting the stomach flu has made me appreciate the "just being really pregnant" part. I am thankful Christian got the flu after me so at least one of us could taking care of Benton. I am glad we are feeling better!

Now that the baby is turned head down we are anxiously awaiting her arrival. I went a full week over with Benton, so I may still have some time on my hands. I guess it is time to do some deep cleaning!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How Can This Kid Sleep?

We wanted to get Benton a "big bed" before the baby came and found this great Thomas the Train bed from a friend. When he came in the room and saw it all put together he was thrilled! He told us the crib is for babies and that this was HIS bed. It was a great transition especially because he thinks he isn't allowed out of it (except to get toys as you can see). He will sometimes play in there for over an hour before actually falling asleep. Hooray for fun train beds that make life easier for moms!

Also Benton is officially off the binki. I never thought the day would actually come, but come to find out I am the one that had a harder time making the decision to be all done. We started off by snipping the top off and slowly kept cutting it down and after a week or so he stopped asking for it. What a big boy we have on our hands.

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