Friday, March 20, 2009

"Christian do you want to go to the Grand Canyon?"

This morning while I was laying in bed waiting for Christian to bring me my first breakfast and an anti-nauseous pill I had a flash back to being pregnant with Benton. For those of you that don't know or remember, he was late and I was one unhappy lady. I was right about 40 weeks and nothing was happening, so when Christian got home from work one afternoon I met him in the parking lot and told him I wanted to go to the Grand Canyon. We were living in St. George and we had tried several times before to head down there, but for one reason or another we never made it.

Begrudgingly he packed the car for what we thought would be a few hours. By the time we got to Hurricane and saw the sign for the turn off to the Grand Canyon I realized my behind wouldn't enjoy the 2 hour drive there and then a 2 hour drive home so I settled for seeing Zions, again. We went and had dinner and started walking around the town, and like had happened before walking made me start contracting. So, we jumped back in the car for our 45 min drive back to St. George, until we saw a police car stopping traffic and turning cars around. We asked what was going on and the cop told us due the rain the road had been washed out and we may be a day or so before we can travel through. What??!! Are you kidding me! Because of the stress I could feel a lot more contractions coming on, so the cop suggested we head to the Kanab hospital. I wasn't thrilled at all about that idea! Both of us I am sure were praying somehow the road would clear and we could get home. Thankfully another cop could see our panic and suggested we try driving through, we did and we made it home, just in time for me to settle down and the contractions to stop.

We waited another week for this boy to come, but Christian told me were not allowed to leave the St. George area until then! I think I will stay put this time too, well when it gets closer and all.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

These Pictures Say it All!

I have the best neighbor who Benton LOVES! Yesterday she gave him an ice cream cone and we had to snap some of the highlights. Thanks for the fun afternoon, Melissa!

Benton is still in the PROCESS of being potty trained. He is having a hard time telling me if he needs to "go." Any suggestions?
I am still feeling the first trimester pains of being pregnant, although mornings are getting better, but nights are still terrible. Don't call me after 7pm, I am probably asleep on the couch.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Changes in the Andersen Family

The first big change in the Andersen Household is Benton getting big boy underwear. We aren't quite fully potty trained yet, but Benton thinks it's his birthday everytime he puts his Elmo underwear on. Wish us luck in the next few weeks :)

Yep folks, it's been confirmed. There is just one in there. Here I am 11 weeks pregnant and that is not a pillow under the shirt. Hopefully, the rate will slow down, otherwise Christian will be rolling me into the delivery room. If all goes as planned, Baby #2 will be coming at the end of September.

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