Monday, December 15, 2008

Where has this month gone?

Here are a few happenings from the past few weeks:

Fun get away to Park City over Thanksgiving. Thanks dad for the fun time!
While in Park City I learned:
Benton likes to put his face in the water.
Midnight shopping at the Outlets is in deed busy! Thanks Jill for surviving the madness in Children's Place with me :)
Michael John is a competitive player at Ticket to Ride and Dad accidentally cheats :)
Enjoying the lights at Temple Square (twice).
Shoveling tons of snow at our complex, I am glad Christian is willing to do most of it!
And enjoying Christmas party after Christmas party.

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's Nights Like These...

When Benton wakes up at 12:30AM with a fever and needs some extra love from his mom that I think how grateful I am for:
A mom that cared for me when I was sick AND left me that same rocker she used to rock all 7 of her babies
I am grateful for a mother-in-law that cared enough about my comfort to make a cushion to go on that rocker that I now get to rock her grandchildren in.

Notice how he is the one sock wonder, always is.

Gotta love the morning look.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Why ONE Car is MORE Fun!

Christian has been riding his bike all summer and most of the fall, but now that it has turned cold we have been back to sharing our one car. I have found several reasons why it is more fun this way :)
1. I get to drive carpool in the morning (Christian and our neighbor who is in the same situation as we are) my first drop off is at the chemistry building and my second is the bioengineering building then back to home with a sleepy one year old.
2. I get to see Christian through out the day. Going to work, then school, then back to work again, then home.
3. I have several more opportunities to listen to Glenn Beck.
4. When Christian has the car it is a good excuse to walk everywhere, gotta keep the pounds off somehow this season!
and lastly 5. Did I mention I get to see Christian more often!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween

Nothing beats trick-or-treating at an Alzheimer's facility. I took Benton in to my work to show him off and they were doing trick-or-treating with all the patients there. It was hilarious to watch him go up to these elderly people and take their candy. This one lady gave him a sucker but then became confused and tried to grab it back telling him "that is my sucker give it back!"

Benton also got to go for a ride with a sweet lady who doesn't talk much these days, but really opened up to Benton while taking him for a ride down the hall. So cute!
Here is Benton with one of his friend Parker. Cute boys having fun at the Stake Halloween Party.
We had a lot of fun dressing up this year with Benton as the Big Bad Wolf, me as Little Red Ridding Hood, and Christian as our fearless Hunter. My dad invited us back to his ward Halloween Party. My dad won 2 prizes, one for his awesome Harley Outfit (little did the ward know it isn't a costume at all!) secondly he came in 2nd for the best chili.

Here is Benton winning his prize for having the scariest costume in his age category (he is pretty scary for being a Big Bad Wolf and all :) It was cute when Christian held him up he started clapping for himself, along with everyone else there.

We also had a lot of fun trick-or-treating at 9th and 9th in all the stores. We were lucky enough to have both grandparents come out with us. We came home with way too much candy so we ended up throwing it all out (after we ate our favorite pieces of course). Halloween is a lot more fun when you get to enjoy it with a child!
Can't wait for next year!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

"Have You Seen Benton?"

I realize this might make me seem like a neglectful mother, but for those of you that know Benton know how fast he really is! At church today Benton did great during Relief Society. He played on my lap and on the floor, never attempting an escape, like he normally does. Little did I know he was plotting a bigger escape. As soon as Relief Society ended the doors opened and people started ushering out, so Benton followed them. I saw him leave so I quickly gathered all of his belongings and headed out to catch him. I got to the doorway but couldn't see which way he went. I chose to go down the hall he normally chooses, nope not there. Ok, so he must have gone down the other hall, nope not there. Great, it is getting really busy with everyone trying to get to their classes and I still can't see him. Back to the other hall, probably Christian has him I thought, nope not there again. This time I started asking people "have you seen Benton" nope, nope, and nope. Ok quick thinking now. I thought maybe he had somehow gotten outside or maybe somebody took him. I was really panicking by this point. So with a crew of about a dozen we scavenged the church and its grounds.

Thankfully one of the serivce missionaries in our ward checked the chapel where the primary children were practicing for their program. There he was not worried at all, but rather enjoying his time with all the other primary children on the stage with them. I walked in just in time to see his little face poking over the podium (thanks to the stairs they had set up for the program). I picked him up and he just patted my back like he was telling me "I am fine Mom, just seeing what was happening in here."

I had so much adreline rushing that I just about burst into tears when I finally had him back. He was probably only gone ten minutes but that was the longest ten minutes of my life. We are currently thinking of buying him a leash, any other suggestions??

Friday, October 24, 2008

Quick Get Away

Before our fun ride:

And after...

I guess he liked the ride because we came outside and found him climbing back on.

Thanks Kenna, Aaron, and Parker for a fun weekend!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Well for all of you that guessed that it's Benton, you got it correct. We can't believe how big he is getting. He is like a little-man. In fact, he is already growing a mustache (of the milk variety).

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Who Am I?

Can you guess who I am?

I love to eat cold cereal in the morning (I can even sign cereal)
I love to read!
I can go down the slide head first.
I LOVE dogs.
I can lead the music in church.
Signing Time is my favorite movie of all time.
I like cucumbers with a little bit of salad dressing on them.
I hate to wear shoes.
I usually sleep in until 8:30am.
I like to do somersaults.
I enjoy playing with my friends.
I like to work on the computer.
I like to climb everything, including kitchen chairs and kitchen tables.
I can scream really loud and do it quite often for fun.
and I am a lot of fun to be around!

Who am I: Suzanne, Christian, Benton, or Aunt Danielle?

Friday, September 26, 2008

No One Else Will Do

I think one of the rewards a mother gets is when your child needs just YOU. Benton is a great sleeper, but today during his afternoon nap he woke up for some reason, only an hour into his sleeping. I thought it was unusual, but went in and retrieved the binki from the floor and walked out of the room. He started crying, the real crying, again. This time I picked him up and began to rock him. It has been a while since I have been able to do that. That is just what he wanted, to be rocked by his mom. How glad I am to be able to be home and have opportunities like that.
Perhaps I am being sentimental as I just finished reading about my Romney ancestors. We are having a reunion to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of my great grandparents, and they are putting on a play to retell some of there history. It is hard for me to really comprehend what the early members of our church went through. I am truly grateful for those ancestors and hope I can live up to the standard they have set, as well as now teach my children so that same line will continue to be strong.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Beginning of a fun week, Thanks Christian! Here are a few pics from Thanksgiving Point.

I kept telling Christian if Danielle (my little sister) gets a full birthday month, I should at least get a birthday week, right? Christian started it off by taking us to Thanksgiving Point. What a great week, thanks everyone! (By the way I think everyone should get a birthday week!)

Benton in full excitement mode running through the vineyards. What a sight.

Just enjoying the swing with Dad.

Benton's first horseback ride. He was really anxious to get out and touch the horses, but wasn't too sure about being on there backs especially when they were moving. Half way through the ride he wanted off. I think he likes being in charge, not the other way around.

Dinner up the Canyon

Aren't these two cute. We went up the canyon with our friends Sabrina and Jordan and Luke who is just a couple of months older than Benton. They thought it was fabulous!

Benton LOVES music, especially when his Daddy is making it! I think I am going to have 2 guitarists in my life.

What can be better than dirt, hills, and more dirt? Both little boys were so funny watching them scale the mountain.

We roasted marshmallows and let Benton have his first taste of them. As you can tell by his face he loved them! He was quite mad when I stopped giving them to him. I guess going up the canyon was a hit! Anyone want to go??

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hooray For Fall

Fall has always been my favorite time of year. I remember when I was little and having the anticipation of the new school year. How fun to get dressed up in your brand new school clothes, meet your new teacher, and see old friends. Even though I am not in school myself any more I still love the fall. I love the crisp air, the rain (as it is slightly raining today), the bright fall leaves, birthday's, anniversaries, and the season for pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (my favorite!) I hope I can enjoy every moment of it, as we all know Fall turns much too quickly into the cold long winter.

Friday, September 5, 2008

We Love To Read

Benton loves to be read to. He has his favorite spot in my lap he likes to sit and he is the best page turner. We are happy to get through a full story before we are on to the next book, but we both enjoy our time together. We were reading books one morning and he decided it would be more fun to dump the books out of the basket and sit in there and read to himself. So funny to watch them do things on there own.

"She Has Beautiful Utters"

"She has beautiful utters..." was my favorite quote from the Utah State Fair. I went yesterday with some friends and we started to talking to a rancher who had "beautiful cows" and he was so proud of his cow and her beautiful utters. Ya gotta love the fair!
Benton loved it! He thought it was great to get out and touch all of the animals and listen to all the sounds they make. I remember always enjoying the fair when my mom would take us when we were younger. Alright, I still really enjoy the fair.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Benton's Birthday

We had a lot of fun celebrating Benton's first birthday! I remember now why birthday's were so exciting when you are little, I think they are just as great when you have a child. We have loved having Benton this last year and watching him do all the "firsts." I can't wait to see what this next year brings.

Benton loved his new birthday toys!

Watching him eat his cake was hilarious.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Smith's, Sour Cream, and Check Book

Yesterday I walked to Smith's needing just some sour cream to go with dinner. I walked down there with Benton, picked up the sour cream and headed for the check out. When it comes time to pay I realize my wallet was not in my purse and probably left on floor at home as Benton is constantly unloading my purse these days. Luckily I find my check book and with a smile hand my check for $1.52 to the clerk. Unlucky for me they required proof of identity. I told the man my story of the wallet on my floor at home to which he smiled, handed me my receipt along with my sour cream, and told me to have a nice day. Then he took out his OWN wallet and paid my balance. Can you believe it, I was so thankful and impressed by his generosity! The world is still full of good people!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Where Did July GO??

Here is a quick update from our month...

We took Benton to Temple Square and he found the pond and loved it! He loves water these days and feeling the cold on his little hands.

Donut Falls

Benton loves hiking on Daddy's back. He laughs and kicks and sings the whole way, until he is too exhausted to hold that little head up. Donut Falls is a great hike to enjoy for everyone.

Fun Summer Outings

Here is my great friend Martha. We have been friends since our fun experience as girls camp leaders. We were able to stop by and see her and her family in Pinevalley. We had a fun afternoon!
We were all smiles as we began our early morning hike in Zion's, another one of our favorite places to visit.
We went with Lacy and Josh and had a fun weekend visiting them in St. George.
Again, someone always poops out by the end. We love you anyways, Christian :)

Suz Mom, Benton Baby x 2

My friend Liz's sister is named Suzanne and she had a baby and named him Benton. We loved the name, so we borrowed it. Now there are 2 Suz Mom's and 2 Baby Benton's out there, aren't we original :).

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Our baby Benton is really showing off his personality lately. I finally got on tape him dancing all around. Watch his head shake back and forth. He also is showing you all how he can sign "more" and "drink." We just can't help but laugh as he is constantly entertaining us.

Park City Pictures

Hope this entices all the rest of you to come next year, you know who you are (those in Texas). Thanks Dad for a great week in Park City!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Good Luck Dad

My dad started riding his bike just over a year ago and tomorrow he is riding his first century ride! A few weeks ago I wanted to try and ride with him, but after going down the street I realized I had to go back up the big hill to my house and that is as far as my bike riding skills have taken me. I am always impressed with people that can set a goal and really go for it. So, Dad make us proud tomorrow and enjoy the ride!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

We're In!

We finally are settled in to our new little apartment, sorry no pictures yet. We officially moved in last Saturday and we have already had several funny stories. One of my favorite people we are going to be working with is our heating and a/c guy, he is old and wants to retire, but keeps working for us here. They told him we would be the new managers and our names were Christian and Suzanne and he said "well, which one is the boy and which one is the girl." I couldn't stop laughing, I don't think I have ever met a boy named Suzanne. We are in a two bedroom apartment, which is so much nicer than the one bedroom we originally thought we would have. We do miss being with my Dad and Danielle though and all the excitement they bring to our lives, but luckily we have already had Danielle sleep over, which makes it seem even more like home here :) We will keep up on our funny stories around here and hopefully have pictures to share soon. A big thanks to all who helped us get in, what would we do without family and friends?!

Friday, May 23, 2008

True Treasures

It has been two years now since my Mom has been gone and I have come to hold dear many things that she has left behind. One great treasure I have is a binder full of letters has written me on my mission. It meant so much that she would write once and many times twice a week my whole mission. I loved them then, but I think I love them more now. Last year to remember her I sat and read many of them and then would call my family and reminisce about her. She would write about all the details of her every day life, who was sick, who was coming over for dinner, who was getting married, and then all of her thoughts about the events. One of my favorite things she did was talk on tape for me. She would go in to a closet to talk to me because she said she was embarrassed to have everyone listen, I think she went in there so she could tell me about everyone without them knowing. I still love hearing her voice, it makes it seem like she isn't that far away. She really encouraged me to go on my mission and I am sure if she could send me a letter now she would tell me that things are fine and to remind my dad to wash his socks :) Since I have cherished those letters and any other personal notes of encouragement she wrote me I have tried to write letters to Benton so that he will always know how much his mom loved him, too. Thanks for teaching me to cherish the important things, Mom!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

And The First Word Was...

This year of firsts is so much fun for all involved! Since B was born we have wondered what his first word would be and despite Christian and I trying to persuade that word to be "mama" or "dada" Benton chose to say "up." "Up, up, up, up"...all day. He started saying it a couple of weeks ago and now we are on to "Hi" and "dada." He really doesn't know what these words mean nor will he do them on command, just when he can get those sounds figured out in his little mouth. So fun to hear him though!

In addition to working on his vocab he has also be been trying to get a couple more teeth to help chew all the food he loves. We noticed on Saturday that he was getting his 2 top teeth so naturally all the drool and runny nose was from the teeth, right? Well when he woke up Tuesday morning we heard a lot of wheezing and A LOT of coughing which sounded like we had a seal in our house. Yep, Croup. Poor little guy, he is getting his 2 top teeth, has croup, and an ear infection. He is being such a trooper with all that is going on. I usually never let him sleep with us, but every time he would cough it would scare him and he would start crying again. So, we let him come in with us. As soon as he was in bed he was so happy and couldn't stop kissing me and laying all over me. I did love it, but definitely love having my own space most nights! Hopefully next week will be better around the Andersen house.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We LOVE the Park!

We love playing at the park with cousins and Grandmom. Benton gets so excited to see his cousins, he thinks he is a big kid and little Logan is the baby, when Logan is just 2 months younger.

We discovered swings are a lot of fun. Christian and I enjoy watching Benton as much as he likes being on the swing. I think we have been about 6 times in the last 2 weeks. Did I mention we like the park.
I am not so sure those slides are made for Daddy's, but oh well.
We told our friends Rachel and Abe about going to the park and swinging on the baby swings so they decided to try it out and without planning ahead we were at the park the same time. I guess it has been a really long winter and now we are taking advantage of this great spring time weather. Rex and Benton sure did love those swings.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Bye Bye Long Hair

Benton getting his first full hair cut. Before: And After:
I think he is much happier with less hair!
I can't believe how big he looks with his hair all

Monday, May 5, 2008

Sleeping in the Stink Bug Position

What a funny sleeper. He was looking in the mirror at himself playing and must have gotten tired, who can really sleep with their head in between there legs?

Updated Family Pics

Benton is changing so much and I thought he looked so cute in his new "church outfit" that Nat gave him, thanks Nat!

New Post Coming Soon

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