Thursday, December 27, 2007

Benton and his new tricks

We can't believe how much Benton is growing up. I took him last week for his 4 month check up and the Dr. told how at 6 months Benton would start sitting up and rolling over. I quickly told him Benton was already mastering both tasks. I think he has his Daddy's genes, always on the move. His new stats are: 14 pounds 10 oz, 25 inches long.
For Christmas Grandpa Wade gave Benton these drums. Benton was thrilled! It was so funny I wanted to take pictures with him playing and as soon as I pulled out the camera and starting taking pictures he caught right on and played it up for the camera. We love being parents and watching everything our cute little boy does!

Long Walks, Cold Hands

Benton and I love taking walks, but since it has turned cold we have to bundle up more and more. Benton doesn't mind being all dressed up as long as his hands are free. After being out for half and hour I looked down at his hands that had turned purple from the cold. So I put my gloves on his hands, he wasn't thrilled.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

New Job

Okay, Benton is now 4 months so I knew it was time to end my maternity leave and start working again. After several interviews I finally decided to work at Garden Terrace, a skilled nursing facility that specializes in dementia. Christian told me I would really be doing a lot of service, because the patients will have no idea whether I actually worked with them or not as they have limited short term memory. I am working PRN or on call for now. I hope to work 5 times a month, sounds like a lot I know :) My favorite part of the day is picking up Benton. He is all smiles when he sees me. Thankfully I have great friends, sister-in-laws, and mother-in-law to watch Benton while I work, THANKS!!

Freezer Meals, cont

For those that are interested in doing your own freezer meals, the book is: "Dinner is Ready." Deanna Buxton is the author and I think she has done a couple of books. We also just discovered she has a website that can organize your shopping list, lets you print out labels, and other great things. Her website is:

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Freezer Meals

Ok, I haven't been much of a cook other than something quick and easy like spaghetti, tacos, potatoes, just the usual. However, since I am now a "stay at home mom" I decided I could do more to enhance my homemaking skills. I had heard about cooking 30 meals in one day and then freezing them from some friends in St. George and thought it would be fun to try. I bought a freezer meal cook book, gathered two friends (Natalie and Andrea), and tried it out. What a project! We finished our last set of meals last week. It takes about 3 days which include one day for shopping for all the food, next day doing all the prep work, and final day cooking ALL DAY! We were able to make 11, not 30, but we are excited about have garlic artichoke chicken and stuffed steak on any old weekday. Hopefully our husbands appreciate and enjoy all our work. Thanks Nat and Andrea for making it a success!

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