Thursday, March 31, 2011


I have learned over the years that Benton is quite particular.  For instance several months ago we started leaving the hall light on and his door cracked a few inches.  Well now he can't go to sleep unless the door is closed to that exact spot. Or he likes to be tucked in starting with his small blankie on his feet first, then larger ones on top, no exceptions.   The other night I was out and Christian started a movie for he and Benton.  Benton fell asleep in his clothes on the couch, so not wanting to wake him up Christian put him to bed in his clothes.  Well sometime around 4am Benton wakes up screaming "DAD!!"  Naturally Christian jumped out of bed expecting to see blood or a burglar, but instead Benton just reminded him that he "forgot" to put his p.j.'s on.  I guess it can be confusing to sleep in your jeans, right?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


 For family night I try and have a lesson (which usually ends up being super quick and Christian is typically holding Benton until I finish), but what really gets our kids excited about family night is all the fun activities we do, or at least they think they are fun!
One game (which is Benton's favorite) consists of putting odd clothing into a bag, music, a timer, and passing the bag to each person.  Whoever is holding the bag when the music ends gets to pick out an article to wear.
 It is always more fun when the dad gets involved!

Benton wanted to put everything on this time. 

One night we acted out Noah's Arc...a big hit, especially when it involved moving our couches together!


I guess our family nights aren't the most spiritual, but at least we have fun, that counts right? 

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