Sunday, October 26, 2008

"Have You Seen Benton?"

I realize this might make me seem like a neglectful mother, but for those of you that know Benton know how fast he really is! At church today Benton did great during Relief Society. He played on my lap and on the floor, never attempting an escape, like he normally does. Little did I know he was plotting a bigger escape. As soon as Relief Society ended the doors opened and people started ushering out, so Benton followed them. I saw him leave so I quickly gathered all of his belongings and headed out to catch him. I got to the doorway but couldn't see which way he went. I chose to go down the hall he normally chooses, nope not there. Ok, so he must have gone down the other hall, nope not there. Great, it is getting really busy with everyone trying to get to their classes and I still can't see him. Back to the other hall, probably Christian has him I thought, nope not there again. This time I started asking people "have you seen Benton" nope, nope, and nope. Ok quick thinking now. I thought maybe he had somehow gotten outside or maybe somebody took him. I was really panicking by this point. So with a crew of about a dozen we scavenged the church and its grounds.

Thankfully one of the serivce missionaries in our ward checked the chapel where the primary children were practicing for their program. There he was not worried at all, but rather enjoying his time with all the other primary children on the stage with them. I walked in just in time to see his little face poking over the podium (thanks to the stairs they had set up for the program). I picked him up and he just patted my back like he was telling me "I am fine Mom, just seeing what was happening in here."

I had so much adreline rushing that I just about burst into tears when I finally had him back. He was probably only gone ten minutes but that was the longest ten minutes of my life. We are currently thinking of buying him a leash, any other suggestions??


Michelle said...

That is so scary! It doesn't take more than a minute to feel completly worried when you can't see them.
Brandon is also wondering of all the time, he is so busy, if you have any tips I would love them, I unfortunatly do not have any for you, good luck.
I am happy that you found him!

Anonymous said...

Your suggestion makes me laugh, because we had Christian on a leash whenever we took him anywhere--mall included. No, I'm not kidding...

So sorry you had such a scary experience. It happens so fast when they are little runners like Benton!


Laura said...

10 minutes is a long time! That has happened a couple of times with Grant. On the most recent one he was in the primary room sitting with the sunbeams trying to act like he belonged there. AAAHHHH!!! Good luck with the leash :)

Lisa said...

My mother in law suggested shoes with lights and attaching bells to my twins. Sounds tacky I know, but it does help. When mine bolted they wisely chose the divide and conquer escape method and went two different directions.

Benton's pretty darn cute. Good work!
Lisa Hogan

Lacy & Joshua said...

Maybe you need to get those shoes that squeak. Remeber we saw them at the what women want expo a couple years ago. I feel so bad for you that had to of been a horrible experience. Thank goodness you found him safe and sound.


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