Wednesday, March 18, 2009

These Pictures Say it All!

I have the best neighbor who Benton LOVES! Yesterday she gave him an ice cream cone and we had to snap some of the highlights. Thanks for the fun afternoon, Melissa!

Benton is still in the PROCESS of being potty trained. He is having a hard time telling me if he needs to "go." Any suggestions?
I am still feeling the first trimester pains of being pregnant, although mornings are getting better, but nights are still terrible. Don't call me after 7pm, I am probably asleep on the couch.


Mindy said...

I can't believe how grown-up he looks in that second picture. He looks so big. He is so cute. Hope you start to feel better soon.

The Elder Clan said...

YES!!!!!! That was one of the best days!!! i can't even tell you how excited it got me for the summer days:). You have the cutest son in the world! I'm scared i might be dissappointed if i have a child and he doesn't come out identical to benton.

Emily Tycksen said...

Such cute pictures! I'm so sorry you're still not feeling well. Hopefully that will change soon.


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