Sunday, April 26, 2009

Two Things I do Daily

Retrieving pickles for Benton has become a new responsibility of mine. We definitely have to limit his intake. Seriously, what kid like to eat just plain pickles?
Find Benton in strange places. The other day I heard Benton calling for me from his bedroom. I yelled back for him to come get me, but he just kept yelling. I went looking for him and found him on the top of his dresser. He uses the handles as a ladder. I have no idea what to do with this climber.


Schimmy said...

He is not the only one who likes pickles. I too am trying to limit my intake of them because of the high sodium. Glad to hear you are feeling a little better.

Goodman Family said...

What a stikin' cute kid. We sure do love Benton and all our play dates. Parker absolutely loves pickles also, he would eat the whole jar if I let him. What cute crazy boys we have.

Michelle said...

So happy you are feeling better and able to get out more! It is funny that Benton likes pickles so much - Brandon also loves pickles, he starts to stink if I give him too many.:) And the climbing thing - good luck with that - I still have not found a way to get around all the climbing Brandon does - it is scary!

Ashley said...

That is so funny Will loves pickles too and climbs everywhere. Hope you are doing great

Anonymous said...

It doesn't appear that Benton is as odd as we thought about the pickles! That is too darn funny.

Those are great pictures Suzanne! The one on top of the dresser is a treasure. I never got a chance to get my camera to take pics of Christian doing those kinds of things. Of course, he was busy destroying whatever he'd climbed up to get. At least Benton was calling for you. How cute and adorable!


I am so happy you are feeling better!


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