Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just Over a Month

I am definitely in count down mode as we have just a little over a month until my due date. For the most part it has really flown by, and hopefully these next few weeks will as well.
Now for the reason for this post, any suggestions out there on helping our little boy become a big brother? I have already asked a few of you and have a few suggestions, but we are always open for more.


Goodman Family said...

I think Benton will accept the change great. He has such a laid back easy going personality. Also you have a great idea with giving him a gift when he comes to the hospital. I guess I really don't have any advice because I don't have baby #2, just make sure to give him equal attention, which i'm sure you will. Good luck!

melissa-brad said...

kenna's answer was perfect! but i do have some advice, even though i know zilch about kids. my only advice is........bring him on over when you don't have time to give him the same amount of love and attention-me and brad will show him all the love we have:). please don't forget that bringing him over is an option. sure love ya

Ashley said...

How exciting! I am almost there too. One thing we did for Matthew when Palmer was born was give him a boy doll to take care of like the baby and make sure he has one on one time. I bet he dose great.


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