Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How Can This Kid Sleep?

We wanted to get Benton a "big bed" before the baby came and found this great Thomas the Train bed from a friend. When he came in the room and saw it all put together he was thrilled! He told us the crib is for babies and that this was HIS bed. It was a great transition especially because he thinks he isn't allowed out of it (except to get toys as you can see). He will sometimes play in there for over an hour before actually falling asleep. Hooray for fun train beds that make life easier for moms!

Also Benton is officially off the binki. I never thought the day would actually come, but come to find out I am the one that had a harder time making the decision to be all done. We started off by snipping the top off and slowly kept cutting it down and after a week or so he stopped asking for it. What a big boy we have on our hands.


melissa-brad said...


absolutely rolling at those pictures!!

Goodman Family said...

I love it! I forgot to tell you that today the boys climbed in bed together and were pretend sleeping.
They grow up too fast, at least the big bed is working good.

Michelle said...

Cute Thomas Bed! I love that he sleeps anywhere and in any position - actually I kind of envy it, I wish Brandon liked sleeping more - lots more! :) Benton sure is getting big!

Emily Tycksen said...

So cute! I love the new train bed, and it sounds like Benton does too. Love all the fun pics. I hope you're still doing well. I can't wait to see Kate!

jamesandlindsaylattin said...

Suz, Hi It's Lindsay Lambert Lattin! First your little boy is so cute and funny. How exciting your cute family is about to be 4! Hey I found your blog through Holli's. Email me and I'll send you an invite to ours. lindslambert@gmail.com

Dani said...

oh my - so sweet! That is hilarious. I love cute boys!! JJ has some fun sleeping positions too. K, so he is in his big boy bed now, but he still has the pacifier. I know what you mean about it being harder on you than him!! I am still too chicken.


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