Monday, January 18, 2010

Here You Go Christian...

My top 5 reasons for not updating the blog:
  • Spending time with family: We are so glad some of our favorite people were able to come for Christmas!
  • Spending a week recuperating in the Valley of Sun.
  • Coming home to a lot of primary stuff to do!!
  • and lastly painting an entire apartment!
We loved having Kate here for her first Christmas! We hope you all had a wonderful one as well!

This Christmas was so much fun for Benton, making it all that more fun for us! On Christmas Eve we were driving home from Grandpa's and Benton kept looking out the window looking for Santa flying in the sky. We can't wait for next year.

The day after Christmas we spent the day at my brother's house having fun in the snow. We loved watching our Texas cousins play in it for the first time. Preston came outside tasted the snow and said: "it tastes like water!" For those that didn't know I served my mission in Arizona so I have a sweet spot for all the cactus and pure desert. I would move to AZ in a moment if Christian would just say "yes". I got out of the car and saw these two playing, just look at christian on that motorcycle.
This little miss loved being out in the sun too. So nice to not need a coat, hat and gloves when you are outside!

These two had a great week together and who doesn't want to swim on New Year's Eve?

Don't mind those way white legs, but did think it was fun dipping those little toes in the water.
We went to this cute train park and when we pulled up my dad reminded me he took us all there when I was about 7. We wish there was a train park near us.
There is a little western town just outside Scottsdale and we found this store "Suzanne's Hot Stuff." They have the hottest spices and dips around.

All in all it has been a great month!


Dan and Nicole said...

Absolutely love the title and the first part of the post....well I love the whole post. Thanks for the update! Glad that you had such a great Christmas and New Year.

Goodman Family said...

Looks like you all had an amazing Christmas. I am super jealous you were able to go to Arizona. Parker really misses Benton, I feel like we are still playing catch up from the Holidays. Hope to see you all soon.

Sue said...

I didn't know you went to AZ over the Christmas break. Looks like you guys had fun.

melissa-brad said...

WOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!! just you updating makes this year great so far:).

i'm so glad i can finally visualize that awesome break you guys had!! and i can't tell you how jealous i am about the swimming part.
we need to a good hang out-or a good movie to watch together:) i
it's been ages!

Ashley said...

Love the pictures! Those are some of the reasons I haven't blogged for a while! Life gets pretty busy. I hope you are doing great!


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