Friday, February 5, 2010


I was at my parent's house the other day and found my old scrap book containing all my high school dance pictures. Wow those were the days! So to all my high school friends out there 2000 was a great year!
Here are a few highlights from 10 years ago;

I was working at the best dry cleaners in town (I still can't believe we had to scrub the b.o. out of all those dress shirts, ehhh)
Applying to college and celebrating that I was accepted to Ricks (it was still called Ricks back then)
Having fun on seminary council, we even did a time capsule for 2000 and to be opened in 2025
Planning and attending high school dances...oh the drama!
Occasionally driving up and down state street, I still can't remember why that was so much fun.
Going on a great senior trip to Lake Powell
Skipping out on class more than once
Staying out way too late
Penny Tapping
Skiing at the Canyons thanks to their honor roll season pass program
Attending football and basketball games
Supporting all my musical friends, apparently I was the only one that couldn't sing :)

Well there is Kate crying, I guess my life is a little different now but I am glad for the good memories and great friends from 2000! Does anyone know if a reunion is planned and does anyone have any great memories to add?


the greens said...

They are doing a reunion. Rob was contacted through facebook about it. I don't know any details just that they are doing one.

jamesandlindsaylattin said...

Nice walk down memory lane post. Crazy 10 yrs. has passed. Good times indeed. You're great!

Karie said...

Wow, 10 years! Aren't we supposed to be old now? ;) There are definitely some great memories. Thanks for being a good friend.

cleverly content said...

pretty sure I can't sing too. and b.o. at the cleaners=classic. i remember always riding around in either the truck or the jeep. both favs.

Michelle said...

I second Karies comment - there is no way we are old enough to be attending a 10 year reunion! Those sure were fun days, great friends and wonderful memories!!! I am hearing rumors about a reunion- I hope so I would love to see everyone again!

melissa-brad said...

those pictures were absolutely fantastic. i still can't get enough of the dr. martins and your skanky belly shirt:). you were a rebel suzanne!

and i loved your sledding pictures! i still can't get enough of that one with you and christian, so cute!


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