Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thanks Grant

I was in California a couple of weeks ago and was able to see one of my favorite friends and her family. I was outside talking to Laura asking about potty training and while I was doing that Grant (who is 4) was inside showing Benton the ropes. I come in and see Benton trying to use the potty by him self. I guess that was the trick because he is now potty trained. It has taken us a few weeks but I think he is finally getting it. So thanks Grant for teaching my little boy how to be big! We wish we lived closer!


Kate and I are still in a debate. Just when I think I have convinced her to use the binki I see her doing this

Oh well I guess you can't win every battle, but I will keep trying!


Laura said...

Wow, I will tell Grant in the morning. I am sure he will say "Your Welcome!". We wish we lived closer too!

Kenna said...

Benton sure is growing up so fast. I'm sure its nice to have one less in diapers. What a big boy!
I know I say this all the time, but Kate sure is growing up, and I love that she sucks her thumb even though you rather her not to.
Very cute kids!

the green's said...

My thumb sucker was the best sleeper and he stopped on his own at two. Just think you don't have to go find a binki. The potty training is always easier when the kids have some other kid to look up to.

melissa-brad said...

sucking or not, she still looks like an absolute angel:)

Dani said...

SUZ!! Your little kiddos are DARLING. Kate is beautiful - I am hoping to plan a UT trip sometime soon - when I do, I really want to see you!!


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