Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Little B

One thing I LOVE about a 2 year old is the funny conversations they have. Here are a few:

(I was getting ready to go to the temple with Christian and walked out in a long purple skirt)
B: "Mommy are you a princess?"
(then he turns to his Aunt Alisa who was coming to watch him, who happened to be wearing green pants)
B: "and Alisa are you a frog?"

Me: Hey Benton do you want _____ (anything from strawberries, to a story, to going to the park)
B: "Yes please, of course." (I think he says that like 18 times a day, and it never gets old)

Me: "Oh no Benton I can't find my wallet."
B: "Don't worry Mommy we will find it." ( and sure enough he walks into the back room and comes back with my wallet.)

He is also figuring out emotions right now and can tell when I am mad or frustrated. If I am not talking to him for a little while and then I will ask him a question he always says "You aren't mad any more Mommy?" (but in his cute little voice that makes me want to give him anything his little heart desires.

I just love that little boy!

(Pics taken at the Great Salt Lake)
Stinky, rocky, beautiful sunset


marta said...

absolutely beauutiful photos, suz. i can't wait til my boy starts talking. b's little statements cracked me up. wishing you well. xo.

Kenna said...

We love Mr. Benton, what a cutie!!! Of course...
Very cute pics at the great sl.

jamesandlindsaylattin said...

So cute! Love the pics at the GSL.

Bryce and Lizzy said...

We love you Benton!


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