Monday, May 24, 2010

4 Years and Feeling Different

It has been 4 years today that my mom has been gone. Finally this year I don't really feel like she is too far away. For some reason I am able to remember her and am thankful for her instead of having the aching and empty feeling. A few of the things I have been remembering about her are:
Her testimony. We would go to the temple every Friday together to see my dad's session at the SL Temple.

Service, service, service. As she was in the hospital and we knew the end was coming people came in her room and told story after story of how she helped them. Stories like: She was first one in the neighborhood that came over to meet us and she came to help unload the boxes, She was the one that stayed the longest when we were moving and cleaned all the toilets in the house, She read with the kids at the elementary (after we had all moved past that point), she came and helped clean my yard.

She always encouraged us to do our best and she told me more than once to "buck up." I am laughing just thinking about her saying that and how I use the term now.

She walked probably every day of her life. She would be out there no matter what the weather was like. She never complained if she didn't have a car either because she was sharing with one of us kids or it needed repair or something, she would just walk to wherever she needed to go.

When I got home from my mission she knew I was having a hard time and encouraged me to go to California to visit some friends and then called every day I was there and told me about the great things going on at home so I wouldn't want to stay forever in California.

Before I got married I had my tonsils removed and she stayed home with me every day while I was recovering and went daily (and sometimes more) to Blockbuster and would rent us a movie to watch.

She was completely selfless.

She loved Neilson's Frozen Custard and even ate a whole cup of it even after she was diagnosed with diabetes.

I am thankful she is my mom!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Little B

One thing I LOVE about a 2 year old is the funny conversations they have. Here are a few:

(I was getting ready to go to the temple with Christian and walked out in a long purple skirt)
B: "Mommy are you a princess?"
(then he turns to his Aunt Alisa who was coming to watch him, who happened to be wearing green pants)
B: "and Alisa are you a frog?"

Me: Hey Benton do you want _____ (anything from strawberries, to a story, to going to the park)
B: "Yes please, of course." (I think he says that like 18 times a day, and it never gets old)

Me: "Oh no Benton I can't find my wallet."
B: "Don't worry Mommy we will find it." ( and sure enough he walks into the back room and comes back with my wallet.)

He is also figuring out emotions right now and can tell when I am mad or frustrated. If I am not talking to him for a little while and then I will ask him a question he always says "You aren't mad any more Mommy?" (but in his cute little voice that makes me want to give him anything his little heart desires.

I just love that little boy!

(Pics taken at the Great Salt Lake)
Stinky, rocky, beautiful sunset

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