Tuesday, April 26, 2011


 I have great memories of getting up early Saturday morning and hitting up all the Easter Egg hunts, so I was excited to add this tradition to our family.  I knew the hunt started at 9am, so we were up and going trying to hurry down to the park, but just as we were about to leave Kate needed to go potty, and girl cannot be rushed!  We hurried down and arrived at 9:03, just in time to see all the kids running and collecting candy (why do they only last 2 minutes??).  We tried to join in, but only ended up with one piece for Kate and one for Benton.  I felt so bad and then felt even worse when Benton started crying that he didn't even find one egg.  I wanted to cry with him, but thankfully a wonderful mom saw what was going on.  She quickly brought her 2 year old son over and with a little coaxing talked him into sharing his candy with my kids.  I wanted to hug this lady.  She didn't know us and probably would never see us again, but she went out of her way to make our Easter a wonderful and memorable one. I hope next year when I do show up on time I can remember to look for the sad empty handed kids. 
 It was fun to have Grandmom come!

Their was face painting (Alisa even got in on the action).
 Benton with his cousins, I love that the older kids are pushing the younger ones.  Benton is always happy when he is with his cousins!
Little miss Kate playing with Logan, this girl is growing up way too fast!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter, it really is one of my favorite holidays.


Kenna said...

Cute!!! I can't believe Kate is going potty!?!? Has it really been that long since we've seen you guys? Super cute though, I'm glad the kiddos got some candy, that was so sad!

Kenna said...

p.s. stinkin' cute hat

debra said...

That was a very fun day!
I have to say that what happened with Benton, Kate and the little boy, is something that really touched me!
Priceless moments~

Lisa said...

I am waiting for a potty training post :)

Lisa Ashton


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