Saturday, June 4, 2011

She isn't old enough!

 We went to Moab/Arches a few weeks ago with our good friends and discovered Kate isn't old enough for camping! Well, she liked being there in the day, just not at night...she cried both nights and I had to sleep holding her.
 Arches is great for hiking/walking which is perfect for kids!
 We loved the sand hill, and here is Mr. Cool to prove it!
 Benton was in charge of finding all the insects, lizards, and bugs. He did a great job!
 Kate LOVED hiking on her Dad's back and even took a nap or two up there.
 Benton was in heaven the entire time. This boy loves to climb anything!
 This is what happens when you sleep with Kate on a camping trip! He was so tired that he was sleeping while trying to eat his rice krispie treat.
This little miss was super hesitant about the sand, but we finally convinced her to sit in it and pick it up. She never did walk in it though...maybe next time.

It was a great trip despite the lack of sleep, but I guess that is to be expected. I think next time I will just stay one night, I can handle anything for one night. Thanks Emily and Spencer for the great memories!


Kenna said...

Fun, fun, fun!!! The kids looks so BIG! We wish we could have come, maybe next time, or we could do a day trip so we don't have to camp out!

Ashley said...

We are going to the arches this summer. It looks so fun. We need to get together when we are in town


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