Thursday, January 24, 2008

Benton Tells Us Stories Too

The other day we had 16 inches of snow, which forced Benton and I inside all day. Benton loves sitting up where he can see everything and now loves to join in the conversation. What in the world are babies thinking. They make all of these different sounds, do they think we are understanding them? Do they think we are completely incapable of caring for them as they are saying "Mom I just wanted some more of that yummy split pea baby food," and all we do is say "oh aren't they so cute." Are babies just enjoying that fact that they have discovered they make sounds come out of their mouth just like us adults? I also find it rather funny when I read the baby books that tell me what my baby is thinking. How in the world do scientists know what a baby is thinking. In any case we are really enjoying these funny baby noises, even if we don't know what they mean.


Grand Mom said...

This is the cutest video! I can't believe how long Benton 'talked'.

The snowstorm in the background sets the scene perfectly Suzanne! What a great thing to do on a snowed-in day.

I love reading your blog-and the new wallpaper is pretty snazzey too.

Love you guys~

Dani said...

I love watching this video because I say all of the same things to JJ! I always tell him to tell stories to daddy and then I play the video for Jared when he gets home from work...or sometimes I just can't wait and I call him and get JJ talking so Jared can hear him. I love baby boys!


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