Monday, January 14, 2008

Why I Love Shoes

When Christian and I were first married we were bringing in our personal belongings into our tiny apartment, I had purposely left several pairs of my shoes at my parents knowing I wouldn't have room for all of them. I only brought my most favorite and most essential shoes. So when Christian started making comments about the number of shoes I had with only 1/3 of the actual number I owned I realized I was going to have to make a good case for needing so many different pairs. For him shoes are just something you wear out of necessity. He can own 3 pairs and be completely satisfied for a whole year. One pair for church, one pair for everyday casual use and another pair for playing sports. I began taking inventory of my shoes and just couldn't part with the majority of them. Each pair has a history, such as the first pair I showed the little black ones with a flower over the toes. My mom bought those ones when she was in the midst of battling her cancer. She thought they were perfect to go with my wedding colors and even though she was too wobbly on her feet to actually wear them to the wedding she kept them in a box as an incentive to get well enough to wear them out of the house. I think of her each time I wear them. I love those shoes! Then the last pair, the brown heals I love as well. Christian bought those for me when we had been married about 6 months. I was having one of the weeks when nothing could go right. So, Christian surprised me with leaving several notes and roses at different locations from my work desk, my car, and inside our home. He then bought our favorite dinner and had those shoes for me on my chair in our kitchen. So, you see how could I ever part with shoes that have meanings behind them. Shoes make an outfit perfect and can make you feel pretty even when you are 8 months pregnant and feeling like an elephant. I think most women would agree that shoes are just one of those things our husbands should just accept instead of trying to convince us we need fewer shoes.


Bryce and Lizzy said...

I love this post, I feel the same way.Both your shoes are darling!

Grand Mom said...

Shoes totally change, interpret and otherwise define an entire outfit. The right color, heighth, & design can emphasize the style of an outfit more than any other accessory.
If Christian thinks you have a lot of shoes, he should look at his mother's supply--35+ not including slippers (I just made a trip to the DI with 10 pair I thought were getting old)--which has been augmented continually by his dad buying shoes for me I don't really need--just because he thinks they are cute!

marta said...

i've never thought of it that way, suz. what a sweet memory of your mom! you are so stylish and darling. keep up the fancy shoe collection. your daughters will love to dress up in them someday.

Dani said...

Suz...I'm pretty sure you're one of my absolute favorite people in the world. This post just shows one of the very many reasons. I love keeping updated on your blog. Your little Benton is just so darling. I was so happy to see your comments on my blog...WILL YOU move to Chicago? I know Prez. Jones said you'd only have to accept one more commitment, but could you make it two??


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