Thursday, April 10, 2008

Return of a Favorite

This last season Christian and I got hooked on The Office. We are anxiously anticipating the return of new episodes, beginning tonight!! We must be lacking in our social life because we often quote clips from The Office, some of our favorites being: "I declare bankrupcy," Question, which bear is best..." "The doctor's have done all they could and it looks like Meridith is going to make it." Hope everyone else can enjoy the return of this series as much as us!


Laura said...

I am so glad that I am not the only one that thought "The Office" was so important that a post needed to go on my blog. I love "The Office" but I am not that sure that I LOVED the episode last night. I've seen better.

Dani said...

OH MY...I LOVE the Office, don't you?! I am so happy that it is back!

Angie Wade said...

You changed the look of your blog. We love the office too--we have been missing it. It's one of the few shows we can watch reruns. I'm also excited for the return of Grey's (but not Chad). At least we can agree on most show. Love ya!!


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