Saturday, April 26, 2008

Unwanted Visitors

(Disclaimer: This is in no way, shape, or form an actual picture of what took place.)
Yes, I am writing this on a Saturday night, what else do you do when you have a sleeping baby and a husband in finals!
I had to write about our little unwanted visitor this morning. I put a bagel in toaster and was trying to pack my bag and hurry off to work, then all of a sudden I smell a burning scent and hear the smoke alarm. Good morning to the rest of family. So, we open all the doors and start fanning away. The alarm turns off and I continue getting ready when I hear my dad yell "there's a bird." And sure enough a bird flew through the front door and kept flying into the window trying to escape, banging his head as he tried to escape. Poor little bird, think of the brain damage he now has. Luckily Christian has a secret skill of being the "bird whisper" and scooped him up and ever so gently carried him outside. The event was over and we were only left with about a dozen of feathers spread over the kitchen.
This little visitor reminded me of when we had another unwanted guest in our house. My mom went into the laundry room one night and saw what she thought was our black dog, nope it was a SKUNK! Talk about not wanting him our house or his stench!! Christian wasn't around in those days so we had to call our neighbor who works with animal control. We created a barricade and watched him wander around our house until he finally walked out the front door.
We were extremely glad to see him go.
Anyone else have any good stories??


Laura said...

Your bird story reminds me of when we came to see you and your Mom showed my Mom my the dead bird in your fire place. I don't remember all of the details...maybe you could refresh my memory. Your Mom was a funny lady.

Anonymous said...

This picture is hysterical--especially considering how important it is to Christian that he and Benton remain true to their manhood in the fashion sense!!!

Funny story especially considering how much Christian dislikes one specific bird.....



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