Thursday, May 22, 2008

And The First Word Was...

This year of firsts is so much fun for all involved! Since B was born we have wondered what his first word would be and despite Christian and I trying to persuade that word to be "mama" or "dada" Benton chose to say "up." "Up, up, up, up"...all day. He started saying it a couple of weeks ago and now we are on to "Hi" and "dada." He really doesn't know what these words mean nor will he do them on command, just when he can get those sounds figured out in his little mouth. So fun to hear him though!

In addition to working on his vocab he has also be been trying to get a couple more teeth to help chew all the food he loves. We noticed on Saturday that he was getting his 2 top teeth so naturally all the drool and runny nose was from the teeth, right? Well when he woke up Tuesday morning we heard a lot of wheezing and A LOT of coughing which sounded like we had a seal in our house. Yep, Croup. Poor little guy, he is getting his 2 top teeth, has croup, and an ear infection. He is being such a trooper with all that is going on. I usually never let him sleep with us, but every time he would cough it would scare him and he would start crying again. So, we let him come in with us. As soon as he was in bed he was so happy and couldn't stop kissing me and laying all over me. I did love it, but definitely love having my own space most nights! Hopefully next week will be better around the Andersen house.


Jeremy and Heidi said...

Teething, croup, and ear infection all at once! Poor guy! The best part is at least he likes to snuggle right now!
P.S. We like being at the top of your list of 'Favorite Blogs' ;)

Dani said...

I tagged you...check out my blog.


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