Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We LOVE the Park!

We love playing at the park with cousins and Grandmom. Benton gets so excited to see his cousins, he thinks he is a big kid and little Logan is the baby, when Logan is just 2 months younger.

We discovered swings are a lot of fun. Christian and I enjoy watching Benton as much as he likes being on the swing. I think we have been about 6 times in the last 2 weeks. Did I mention we like the park.
I am not so sure those slides are made for Daddy's, but oh well.
We told our friends Rachel and Abe about going to the park and swinging on the baby swings so they decided to try it out and without planning ahead we were at the park the same time. I guess it has been a really long winter and now we are taking advantage of this great spring time weather. Rex and Benton sure did love those swings.


Jeremy and Heidi said...

Cute pictures, Suzanne! What a cute mom you are to go to the park aal the time! That's so fun that you're little cutie has so many cousins his age.

Emily Tycksen said...

The park is so great! The kids get to play and have fun, and it's free. I love the pictures. Your little guy is getting so big.


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