Thursday, January 22, 2009

One Week Down

When my parents would go out of town when I was little I was the one they would get the call about saying I was home sick. So I guess I deserve this. 2 babies sick with strep. We have been to the doctors twice within the last 24 hours and everyone at the clinic knows our story. I can tell they are wondering how we will survive, but we are thanks to good neighbors and friends. Wish us luck for the next 5 days!


Lacy & Joshua said...

Oh No! It sure sounds like things are crazy there. I'll be thinking of you, wish I was there to help.

Ashley said...

That's nice of you to watch there kidos! Good luck. Natalie gave me your blog. It so cute. Ours is


Hope you are doing great!!

Laura said...

Oh Suzanne, you are an angel in disguise!

Emily Tycksen said...

Well Suzanne did you make it? I felt so bad when I heard about the kids being sick. Hopefully things have settled down now that you're back at home with only 1 child!


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