Monday, June 8, 2009

Top 12 Count Down To A Great Vacation

We loved the Ferris Wheel, and I didn't even use the barf bag
Benton and Christian enjoying the beach
Grandmom, Benton, and Grandad. He loved being with them!
Riley, Amelia, Benton, and Logan giving us a cheer!
Benton loved the rides but hated waiting in line, he would try and say "excuse me" to the people in front of him to try and get to the front of the line faster.
Disneyland is EXHAUSTING!
It was exhausting for everyone, but after a good night sleep we were ready to hit it again.

These are a few of the high lights from our trip with Christian's family.

12 plus hours to get to NewPort Beach, CA

11 really fun people to travel with. Grandmom, Grandad, Aaron, Stacy, Riley, Amelia, Logan, Alisa, Christian, Suzanne, and Benton. (We sure missed having Andrew with us)

10 bags of twizzlers, well maybe not quite that many but we sure ate a lot of licorice.

9 times that Benton hugged Logan and 9 times that Logan cried. Logan is only 3 months younger than Benton, but for some reason Benton kept calling him the baby and thought it was his responsibility to take care of the "baby."

8 dolphins we saw jumping in the ocean just off the beach. How cool!

7 fun days to enjoy waking up to the ocean view from our window

6 times that we went on Pirates of the Caribbean ride, due to Benton who now constantly is asking for more pirates. I think I know who he should be for Halloween.

5 different stops to "Sprinkles" a really yummy but pricey cupcake shop in NewPort. I am sure Alisa is going through withdrawals as we speak.

4 different pairs of glasses/contacts that we broke on the trip. Grandad's reading glasses, Alisa's glasses, Christian's sunglasses, and one of my contacts ripped leaving me blind for 3 days (note to self, always pack an extra pair of contacts when traveling!)

3 days of Disneyland. It was so fun to see Benton get so excited to see Mickey Mouse, even the pictures or balloons got him excited. Can't wait to take him again.

2 times that our adventurous boy fell in the water. The first time was in Downtown Disney where he was looking at the water fountain and fell in head first. He came out drenched and kept telling us how he fell in the water and got wet. You would think he might be more careful next time, but a few days later at the hotel he was looking in a pond with fish and fell in head first again. This time no tears, just him explaining "Benton fall, wet, swimming, wet." Good thing no injuries!

1 set of awesome grandparents that made it all possible, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!


Ashley said...

Looks like a great trip! How are you feeling? We are headed to Disney Land in July my kids are thrilled

The Elder Clan said...

I'M THRILLED YOU POSTED ABOUT YOUR TRIP!!! i really was hoping you would show some good pics!! loved the countdown-and i love picturing how much benton loved disneyland! your a trooper for even going to disneyland this far along, i'm impressed;). also, i'm so dang jealous you guys saw dolphins!!!

Goodman Family said...

Looks and sounds like you guys had a great time.
I will have to agree with Melissa that is awesome you saw dolphins.
I'm glad Benton loved all the rides and pirates. What fun.
We are glad you are back and we are back, and we can't wait to see you guys. Parker has missed his buddy.

Anonymous said...

Great memoirs of our trip!! I love it!

More pictures are on the way~ I especially love the ones where Benton is showing us HOW he fell in the fountain :)and the ones on the beach. That kid keeps us running and laughing doesn't he?

Hey, what happened to the Cousin Poll? I don't see it on here and I thought I was going to get to vote today. LOL!

Thanks for the fun post and pics of our trip!


Dani said...

HOW FUN!! You guys look like you had such a great time. JJ loves pirates too! His favorite episode of Backyardigans is Pirate Treasure and he walks around singing "arr arr arr, a pirate says arr!"

Emily Tycksen said...

Sounds like you guys had a great trip! You look so cute pregnant.


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