Monday, February 11, 2008

Benton's latest

Some days are so exhausting, but when I see cute pictures of Benton I remember how much I love being a mom. I was talking to a woman in my ward who has 3 young children, we were talking about how you feel like you start to loose your identity in the world when you become a stay at home mom. How, before our babies, we were pursuing careers and actually felt "smart." I have tried yo "stay in touch" by pursuing new hobbies and interests. I have started cooking a lot more, reading, exercising more regularly and of course trying to keep up my blog. Does any other moms out there have any suggestions on keeping sane while staying at home?


Anonymous said...

You are doing all the 'right' things to stay sane. Other things I did were to interact with friends and other adults so you don't feel isolated. If you're not careful, you start talking 'baby talk' ;)

Keep in mind that when you stay at home you give up the kudos awarded to you by others for performance in a career. Sometimes that feels like you are less smart because you aren't getting reinforced by other adults or by a paycheck. The rewards for staying at home are wonderful, but sometimes the 'rewards' are: being taken for granted (especially as your kids get older) or having the mess you just cleaned up, reappear magically.

The rewards for being a homemaker are years in the making sometimes--

Those are beautiful, classic pictures of Benton!

Aaron said...

Well, there are a few things that help me to stay sane. First, taking naps. Gotta have my afternoon nap even if it is only for 20 minutes. It helps me to be a better Mom.

Second, laughing with your child. It makes me appreciate him so much more.

Third, setting goals with your exercise. It gives me something to look forward to and to focus on.


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