Friday, February 8, 2008

Reasons to LOVE February

Here are a few of my favorite reasons to LOVE February:

Ground Hog's Day: looks like 6 more weeks of winter :( (
Did you know the ground hog has a name, Phil.

Valentine's Day: A fun day to do extra nice things for those you love. One year Christian surprised me with dinner and dancing. If you know Christian you know he does not dance, nor pretend to even dance. So, it was a fun surprise. He also gave me a gift card to get my hair cut, which was another surprise because Christian LOVES long hair! If anyone has any fun ideas send them my way!!

Presidents day: A day off work/school and a chance to get away. This year we are headed to Newport Beach!!

Christian's Birthday: another chance to have a party, we love parties!

Leap Year: One extra day for the year, it should definitely be spent doing something fun.

The end of February, spring is getting nearer.

Why do you LOVE February?

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Anonymous said...

I love February because 1) my favorite third child was born then, 2) because I can do my spring cleaning and start my window box flowers 3)I'm tired of winter and I can see the end in sight 4) The weather doesn't allow for doing yardwork, but I'm seeing the sun! AND,
5) all the people who made new years resolutions to go back to the gym have quit going again and I don't have to compete for my favorite equipment ;)


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