Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Teeth = New Hurt

We officially have two teeth in the once toothless grin. It is so funny to see those little white things popping up. Well, funny for me, not so funny for Benton. He we wasn't too thrilled to have those razor sharp teeth coming through his gums. Okay, the real problem is how do I keep him from biting me? I still really want to continue nursing, but it really hurts when he clamps down!! I will take any and all suggestions!


Laura Lewis said...

Oh I remember those days. I never had any solid plan but when Grant would bite me I would jump and it would scare him. I would then firmly tell him "no". He would get really upset and it would take him a while to start nursing again. Kinda weird to be talking firmly to your sweet baby but he has to know that it hurts. :( Especially when he is just trying to figure out how to use them. Good luck, just be patient!

Anonymous said...

My mom said she would push the baby's mouth and nose firmly against her and it would make them gasp for air--which would make them stop biting.
I did what Laura Lewis suggested except I jumped and said "Ouch" instead of saying "No". (I didn't want "no" to be my baby's first word so I hesitated to use it often).

I can't believe Benton has two teeth now! I can't wait to see them :) or should I say :@



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