Friday, November 27, 2009

Go Cougars!

*This post has been hacked by me (Christian). Hopefully, Suzanne won't notice until after the game. Originally, Suzanne had a big BYU picture at the top, but I couldn't let that happen :)*

We are a house divided 2:1.
Christian Utes
Suzanne Cougars
Benton Cougars
Kate TBD

We took Benton to a BYU game a couple of months ago and now the boy is a cougar fan through and through . Christian even has tried numerous times to persuade him to be Ute, but it always ends up with Benton crying saying "no utes daddy, GO COUGARS!!"

We are excited for the game tomorrow, GO Cougars!


Goodman Family said...

I was so happy to see that this post was broken in. Go Utes!!!

debra said...

Perhaps considering the game's ending for the Cougars, you may want to give the pic choice back to Suzanne????

Gotta love that little B has such BIG opinions :)

Go Utes!! (next year, anyway)

Ashley said...

Gooo Cougars!! I think it's time to change the picture!

melissa-brad said...

suzanne, your comment made me smile till the corners of my mouth touched my ears.
your always so thoughtful with your words and uplifting! thank you for taking the time to leave that nice comment:).

p.s. i forgot to tell you, the other day brad said, go utes, and benton said, "cougars, cougars". we were both laughing so hard.


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