Saturday, November 21, 2009

Grateful For...

I am...
  • Grateful for a husband that can save me from going crazy (especially when I have a child thriving in the terrible twos)
  • Grateful for quiet moments feeding Kate
  • Grateful for Kate's new ability to smile and brighten our day
  • Grateful that I live 10 mins from a temple and can slip away for an hour and find peace
  • Grateful there is an end to raking leaves
  • Grateful to have good friends, neighbors, and family in my life
  • Grateful for easy to make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies that always seem to work out even when directions aren't followed perfectly
  • Grateful New Moon is out and we have a baby sitter lined up
  • Grateful Benton can sleep through Kate when she cries at night
  • Grateful that Benton LOVES his sister and doesn't want to send her back, just yet anyway
  • Grateful to not be pregnant and back to being active again
  • Grateful to be in the primary and to hear the sweet primary songs
  • Grateful Christian won't be in school forever...just a few more years, hope we all survive :) And
  • Grateful to be a family of 4
Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving week, I know we will!


Goodman Family said...

ohhhhhhhh!!! I love this post. Very cute. We are grateful for you and your family.

jamesandlindsaylattin said...

Thanks for your list - it make me reflect on my own! Have a great Thanksgiving. P.S.You look great for just having a baby.:)

Andrea and Justin said...

Savanna just asked if Benton could come over to her house. What do you think? You do look really good!

Ashley said...

What a great post! You look awsome i hope you are getting back to a more normal life after a baby


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