Friday, November 27, 2009

Go Cougars!

*This post has been hacked by me (Christian). Hopefully, Suzanne won't notice until after the game. Originally, Suzanne had a big BYU picture at the top, but I couldn't let that happen :)*

We are a house divided 2:1.
Christian Utes
Suzanne Cougars
Benton Cougars
Kate TBD

We took Benton to a BYU game a couple of months ago and now the boy is a cougar fan through and through . Christian even has tried numerous times to persuade him to be Ute, but it always ends up with Benton crying saying "no utes daddy, GO COUGARS!!"

We are excited for the game tomorrow, GO Cougars!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Grateful For...

I am...
  • Grateful for a husband that can save me from going crazy (especially when I have a child thriving in the terrible twos)
  • Grateful for quiet moments feeding Kate
  • Grateful for Kate's new ability to smile and brighten our day
  • Grateful that I live 10 mins from a temple and can slip away for an hour and find peace
  • Grateful there is an end to raking leaves
  • Grateful to have good friends, neighbors, and family in my life
  • Grateful for easy to make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies that always seem to work out even when directions aren't followed perfectly
  • Grateful New Moon is out and we have a baby sitter lined up
  • Grateful Benton can sleep through Kate when she cries at night
  • Grateful that Benton LOVES his sister and doesn't want to send her back, just yet anyway
  • Grateful to not be pregnant and back to being active again
  • Grateful to be in the primary and to hear the sweet primary songs
  • Grateful Christian won't be in school forever...just a few more years, hope we all survive :) And
  • Grateful to be a family of 4
Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving week, I know we will!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I Love Days Like This

What can be better than a beautiful fall day, Christian done early with homework, and 2 happy children? We took advantage of sunlight and took a quick hike up to Ensign Peak. What made it even better was meeting a senior missionary couple out enjoying the hike as well. They have been married for 60 years and are turning 80 this year. I hope I have as much energy as they do when I am that age.

Happy Halloween

We had a great time celebrating Halloween with our 2. Benton discovered how great trick-or-treating can be and can't wait for next year to do it again.

Thanks Aunt Natalie for the cute skeleton shirt!

Nothing cuter than a girl in pink.

Good thing we had 2 halloween outfits, she definitely needed to change :) Thanks Kenna everyone needs a pumpkin shirt for Halloween!

Out little pirate. Nice goatee Benton!

We went to Gardner Village this year, so fun to see all the witches. I would definitely recommend going if you haven't been before, the atmosphere is great!

I added this one just because I love these 2.

I have to add my thoughts or more complaints about day light savings, really annoying! Whoever thought it was a good idea didn't have children. It has taken several days to get Benton to sleep in past 6am even if goes to bed late. Hopefully we can all adjust soon!

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