Sunday, March 2, 2008


A great get away to Newport! We enjoyed time at the beach, swimming, doing the Hollywood scene and relaxing a lot! I had never been to Hollywood and it was a perfect week to go because the Oscars were coming that Sunday. We got to see the Kodak Theater, hold an actual Oscar and see Hollywood Blvd. Danielle's favorite part of the trip was finding the Playboy Mansion. Not, really something I would ever choose to do. After 2 hours of driving around we finally found it. We got out to look around and were surprised to hear the security guard talk to us through the big rock by the driveway. As we were talking to him Kendra (for those that don't keep up on the Playboy happenings, Kendra is one of Hugh's girlfriends) drove up. Danielle still hasn't stopped talking about it. Thanks Dad for a great time in California!!


Anonymous said...

Love those pics! Too bad some were a little "Fuzzy" (sorry Christian but I could not resist).
It is funny to hear how different the highlights of trips are for each person. Its good to see how families accommodate each other in having a good time. I'll bet the highlight of Benton's trip was being with Mommy, Daddy, Grandpa and Danielle for a whole week!

Dani said...

I absolutely LOVE the picture of your little family on the beach! You guys are darling. I am working on a wall-hanging project that involves black and white family pictures in our kitchen. A picture like that would go perfectly!! Maybe you could take a little trip to Chicago??!


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