Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This video has been an arduous process to upload, so I hope that it is worth it. Benton started crawling about a week ago and ever since then my life has been a lot more hectic. Now I have to keep careful tabs on where he is at all times (or he might just crawl of a large drop without even slowing down). Still, there is nothing better than having your son crawl across the expansive room, bypassing all the tempting toys, just to come and sit in your lap. He loves me, he really loves me :). We love you too, Benton.


Cheryl said...

What a treat to see how big he is getting! It was such a treat to see all of you last month and getting to play with your little guy - we loved it! Cheryl

Andrea and Justin said...

He is doing such a good job! Way to go Benton

Anonymous said...

Freaking cute!

He needs to stop growing up so fast though... Pretty soon he will be walking and getting into all sorts of trouble :)



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