Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Videogame Champion

My husband, the Smashbrother Hero! Christian and I have been out of comission for the last week due to bronchitis, but luckily he felt well enough to attend the ever exciting Smashbrothers release on Saturday evening. Of course they couldn't actually release the new Wii game until midnight, but all the real gamers (including my husband) went early to wait for the count down. They had a contest to see who the best player was between 32 boys/men, and how proud am I to annouce my husband woke me up at one o'clock in the morning to relay to me how he desimated the competition. His spoils of war include a wrestling trophy, two tickets to Laser Quest, and a poster that has the names of all the people he TRIUMPHED over. After his victory, he was interviewed by a local highschool newsprogram and greeted by fans (including a little deaf boy who wanted to shake hand). My husband, a real (local) hero. What you haven't heard of him?


Anonymous said...

This is Christian. For the record (since my wife has a knack for exaggeration): First, I wasn't even planning on going. One of my friends was in town for the release, and I felt obligated. Second, I didn't even sign up for the tournament, but because there were some openings, I felt there was nothing better to do. Thirdly, I wasn't even planning on telling Suzanne (I was too embarrassed), but she asked me if I won and I couldn't lie. DON'T JUDGE ME! ;)

Anonymous said...

This is hysterical when you write it Suzanne. As for you, Christian...all I can say is AWESOME!

You need to call Aaron and tell him-he will be most impressed.


Laura Lewis said...

I love it Suzanne. I don't believe Christian, I really think he was super excited and felt like a STAR!! My favorite is that he had fans!


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